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Domain Transfer for Domain Names registered through Network Solutions

Automatic Transfer When You Sign Up With OffspringNet Hosting!

If you signed up for hosting with OffspringNet Hosting and choose the radio button that says "DOMAIN TRANSFER THROUGH NETWORK SOLUTIONS" on the order form, then your domain transfer will be automatically initiated. All you have to do is reply to the email they send you and put a M at 0a and a Y at 1a. 

If you do not receive this email within approximately 24 hours then you should follow these steps:

1. Lookup your domain name and make sure you have access to the email address for the Admin or Billing contacts. If you do not, you will need to contact Network Solutions. Their phone number is: 800-779-1710.

2.  Make sure you don't have an ACCOUNT with Network Solutions by going to http://www.networksolutions.com/ and clicking on "Make Changes" at the bottom. After putting in your domain name and clicking "Go" if they ask for an Account Name and password you will need to put those in and then proceed to steps 3-5 below. 

3.  If you have checked steps 1 & 2 and still don't know why your transfer was not initiated by signing up for hosting, just follow the steps 1-5 below to re-initiate your transfer yourself. 

To transfer your domain name to our servers

  1. The Automated Network Solutions Modification Form   (this form will open up in a new browser window so that this current window will stay open and you can refer to the instructions below as you fill out the form) You can go through this process again at anytime by going to http://www.networksolutions.com/ and clicking on Make Changes at the bottom of the screen.

  2. On the first page, enter your Domain Name you are transferring to OffspringNet Hosting and click SUBMIT.  ** If you SETUP AN ACCOUNT  with Network Solutions (this is different from just registering a domain name with them), the next screen will ask you for an ACCOUNT NAME and PASSWORD. Just fill in this information here and continue to steps 2 & 3.
  3. Under the drop down menu, choose the option "Transfer my domain name to another ISP" and click GO.
  4. Click on GET INFORMATION to get your Admin or Billing email address and fill that into where it says "Email Address:" and press "GO" at the bottom.
  5. Your current domain name record will be pulled up.
  1. Scroll down to the Contact Information section and change the Technical Assigned NIC handle to: CF4188

  2. Scroll down to the Name Server Information section and replace the information currently there our server information (see table below).

  3. Then scroll down to the bottom and press the button 'SUBMIT THIS FORM FOR PROCESSING.'
Primary Server Hostname: ns1.meganameservers.com
Primary Server Netaddress:
Primary Server NIC Handle: NSE200-HST
Secondary Server Hostname: ns2.meganameservers.com
Secondary Server Netaddress:
Secondary Server NIC Handle: NSB256-HST

The completed template will then be e-mailed to you at the e-mail address you provided in Step 1. You must reply to the e-mail and simply send it back to Network Solutions for processing.

Then,  you will get another email from Network Solutions and you will need reply and put an: M next to 0a Auth Scheme, and a: Y next to 1a and send this.  

Your changes should go through within a few days.

To check if it went through, you can look up your domain name  in a few days and press the button to see Whois output to see your InterNIC record. Once you see OffspringNet Nameserver addresses listed in your domain name record, it means your domain name has started to point to our servers.

If your transfer seems to be taking a long time, their toll free phone number is: 800-779-1710. Have your NIC- number handy that you received in the subject of the email that they sent you after you completed Steps 1-3.


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